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If you are looking for modern social media marketing content, strategy & tools to skyrocket your influencer brand, then you are in the right place.

For our Social Media Management clients, we develop a niche specific social media concept for your brand and schedule your content proposal one month ahead of time. Our content is modern, engaging and specific to your business. The Kickstartsocial.co team will provide your marketing team with relevant posts to include social media & calendar holidays as well as promos, giveaways, giftaways and sales your business is running. Our goal is for your page to stand out daily on crowded social media platforms.

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Kickstart My Influence Ebook - Become a Social Media Influencer

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Is your dream to become a Social Media Influencer and get paid to post on Instagram, monetize your socials, start a blog, form a following and get paid doing it?

This is your ultimate guide to becoming a Social Media influencer - especially during a global pandemic. You heard me correctly, now is the time to take advantage of staying at home because you have the time and all eyes are online. You may be asking yourself how in the world is it going to be profitable for me to make money doing something new during a global crisis, but hang in there with me, friends. There is a silver lining and I’m going to show you the ropes because I’ve done it myself!

Here you will find everything you ever wanted to know about being a social media influencer (during a pandemic) and working with brands.

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In this Ebook I’ll share:

* What a social media influencer is (including all the amazing benefits)

* How to define your niche, personal brand and content strategy to sell products & services on social media.

* Popular niches for 2020/2021

* Setting up your Instagram profile.

* Growing your influence + following.

* Working with brands & clients.

* How to go about monetizing multiple streams of income from social media.

* Ditch the overwhelm and successfully transform your social media into something you are proud of.

First let’s talk about what exactly an influencer is….

An influencer is someone just like you who has specific knowledge, insight or authority or experience regarding a specific topic and can successfully affect the buying mindset of their audience. They inspire and guide other people.

Instagram influencers are Instagram users who use their platform to influence other people.

Ideally, influencers have a like-minded community of followers on social media, and through their relationship with their audience, they influence (i.e., influencers).

We all have the power to be influencers , even during a pandemic. We influence our friends and families all the time when we share information about something we really like or a product that works (like the one you are selling!) Now I’m going to teach you how to share your influence with your community. When we affect the buying mindset of a person… we are influencing them!

Join me for this information packed special event and learn how to makeover your social media and monetize your socials.

Are you so excited about learning how to become a social media influencer, but super bummed because you have seriously NO clue where to start?

I totally get it because I was there too. In fact, I had no idea what a social media influencer was until shopping for a maternity photo shoot.

I stumbled onto an Instagram page filled with beautiful images of a glowing pregnant girl. I also noticed she subtly would display a product here or there on her feed, or the outfit that was sponsored by a hip clothing brand with an affiliate link. “Um, how do I do that?” I thought to myself.

Here is a snip of my ebook review on my free webinar!

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