Kickstart My Influence – Mastermind Workshop for Influencers

Go from Instagram “side hustle” to profitable influencer! It’s time to take your Influence to the next level with an actionable plan to achieve real goals and results!

Kickstart My Influence Course

Get ready to learn everything you need to know about growing your social media influence with purpose and strategy. Transform your pitching potential and learn how to land brand deals effortlessly, especially if you’re over 30!

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Kickstart My Influence Course

Does this sound like that little voice inside your head?

You KNOW you COULD be working with brands and sponsors, but you just KNOW KNOW HOW TO EVEN START

You KNOW other creators and Influencers are out there bringing in the $$$$ and you can’t quite crack the code to get BRANDS TO WANT YOU.

You WANT more freedom, spending money and FUN in your life (heck you’d love to get that fancy blender sponsored and paid for, right?) but you’re intimidated by the whole idea of even ASKING a BRAND for what you DESERVE.

Maybe you’ve tried to reach out to brands before, but you’re scared to death of getting it wrong…AGAIN…

That’s why I created Kickstart My Influence – A set of STEP BY STEP guides with high-converting emails, templates and pitch techniques that take the guess work out of pitching so you can get PAID collaboration deals working with sponsors and brands NOW (no matter how big or small your following!) Turn your personal brand into a dream business (yes, being an influencer IS a business!) with Kickstart My Influence Mastermind Course.

Before Your Course

Does this sound familiar??

Staring at the dreaded blinking cursor when you go to DM a brand?

Obsessing endlessly about every. single. word. you write to a brand before you send anything (or even worse, never hitting send at all!!)

Wishing you could send a few emails and land the brand deal of your dreams that pays you and builds your brand all the while serving your audience?

Sitting at home with your Merlot and Netflix feeling hopeless when it comes to pitching brands? bc you can’t get beyond What to Say!

Struggling to master Instagram features like Reels and Stories to gain more engagement and followers.

You thought a hashtag “#” was just a symbol for the pound sign.

You are in a rut with content creation and you don’t know what apps and programs can help you create amazing posts, videos and viral content.

You are overall just frustrated but that little voice inside you doesn’t want to give up just yet!

After Your Course

So, I wanna know – how amazing would it feel to… Ditch the scroll envy and skyrocket your socials as a social media influencer profiting from a free app!

Find your unique brand voice so you stand out on crowded social media platforms

Ditch the overwhelm and learn actionable steps to turn your side hustle into a reality

Add 1,000+ followers every week (yes, really) without using those lame fake bots or getting shadow-banned for liking 600 photos a day 

Work from anywhere you want in the world and set your own hours (make travel a bigger part of your life if that?s your dream!)

Get daily emails with paid collaboration offers from your favorite brands + learn how to negotiate in your best interest

Learn how to confidently pose for the camera and plan successful photoshoots

Stay for free at beautiful hotels and receive gorgeous clothing gratis, all because brands value your opinion

Course Feedback

Listen to what our fans are raving about!

“Being an influencer is hard work. It’s not just taking pretty pictures in front of the camera, it’s so much more. Jessica has helped me get organized and view my passion as a real way to generate an income with less frustration or overwhelm. And she really cares about her clients too!”

Marlo Tuaty – @petitemiamigirl

“If I could go back on my IG journey I would do one thing different. Instead of buying courses/tutorials?I’d have hired Jessica from the start! She is a social media magician! So smart and so chill! She provided me so much advice even before she became my IG coach. Take a peek at her reels?they are jam packed with free info!”

Katie Felton – @katiexfelton

“If you have considered a social media/influencer coach but don’t know where to start I HIGHLY suggest Jessica! She makes the process seem doable and really breaks down the steps into specific, actionable ones that are easy to understand. I have spend thousands of dollars on other courses and I wish I could take all of that and give it to her! Plus she’s so sweet, kind and approachable!”

Allison Muller – @thejunebloom

“I’ve never seen such a lovely, detailed, wonderful course intro video with such a detailed overview. It’s so good! Thank you, Jessica!”

Mish Sen – @eatswithmish

“I was looking back at what my other social media company did last year and your content doesn’t even compare! It is SO cohesive and beautiful!”

Tara Gray – @taragrayjewelry

“I felt like Jessica was my my best friend while still keeping me totally accountable with taking action towards my goals. I now run a successful social media management company thanks to Jessica!”

Theora Dobronte – @theora.dobronte

The Course Combines 3 Pillars To Unlock The Benefits

Influencer Mindset

FEEL CONFIDENT asking for what you know you’re worth without feeling icky or pushy.

Influencer Strategy

LEARN the keys to turning basic DMs into RELATIONSHIPS that (spoiler!) will lead you to more moolah and more profit for your hard work! (Posting is NOT as easy as it looks and you deserve to get paid!)

Actionable Steps

UNDERSTAND how to start talking to a potential brand partner, so they get excited about working with YOU!

How It Works

You want to start your Influencer Side Hustle off on the EXACT right FOOT and that’s why this course is entirely based on


Actionable scripts & outlines to boost your pitching confidence by helping you know EXACTLY what to say to a brand in order to close the deal in your favor.


Actual, real world information with up to date video content on how to make this all work for you and your busy schedule!


Proven techniques that have brought women in my Mastermind Workshop massive financial wins within weeks of using my system

Course Curriculum

Module One – Influencer Road Map

Module? – Your Personal Brand + Niche

Module – Instagram Reels + Stories Unlocked

Module – Blog Resources + Planners

Module – Brand Negotiation – Pitching and Catching

Module – Canva Tutorial + Templates

Module – Photoshoot + Creation Guide

Module – Pinterest Marketing Strategy

Module – Content Creation Resources

Module – Lightroom “Love Your Filter” Presets

Kickstart YOUR Influence, Today!

Kickstart Your Content BONUS Features…

New Influencer Resources

Lifetime access to our resource library to stay up to date on all the trends in social media

Photoshoot + Posing Guide

Learn how to take eye catching product and brand collab shots that keep your inbox and bank account full

Lightroom Presets

Take your brand aesthetic to the next level with my “Love Your Filter” Lightroom Preset Bundle for Influencers

Meet Your Instructor

Your Guide Jessica Lynne White

My  name is Jessica Lynne White.  I’m an Influencer & Instagram coach for ambitious micro influencers and entrepreneurs that are struggling to elevate their social media presence, grow their audience and ultimately turn their brand into a money making business even with a small following, even with a busy schedule even with zero experience working with brands.

Seriously, this is a no judgement zone friend!  As a physical therapist and new mother at 43, I left my safe & profitable corporate healthcare job during a global pandemic to follow my dream to become a full time social media influencer, influencer coach and social media expert.  I mean, we are all learning to pivot and why not follow your dreams?

Now I’ve got a fun and easy to follow system for turning your passion into profit on social media as an influencer. My robust system helps new micro-influencers (just like you) ditch the overwhelm and land paid brand collabs with dream brands while growing your following and slaying on Instagram. Simply said, I know my course Kickstart My Influence works – and my students are raving about their experience with me and enjoying more confidence working with brands and getting paid to post.


Are you ready to Kickstart Your Influence in 2021?

Book a FREE CHAT with me and let’s make a plan to Kickstart Your Influence.

Invest in Yourself Today

But let me ask you this:

Having a solid Instagram strategy will allow you to build a strong following, work with brands, attract clients ? you name it. Whether you?ve got a personal brand already, you?ve been doing this for years, or you?re simply just beginning your journey as an influencer ? this is something totally achievable for you. Are you ready to Kickstart Your Influence?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions You Might Be Asking …

Will it work for me?

If you are serious, qualified and ready to put some effort into it, then very likely yes!

What if I want a refund?

No problem. We stand behind our training 100%. Send us an email with your request.

When does the course start and finish?

This course is “evergreen” which means you can enroll at any time.

Will I get access to the full course all at once?

Yes you will get full instant access immediately.

What do I do if I need help?

Email us anytime and come with questions to the weekly office hours calls.

Can I pay with PayPal?

Yes! When you go to check out you can pay with credit card or PayPal.

Now Is Your Time

Danger In Staying The Same Or Choosing The Wrong Guide …

Don’t Stay Stuck Wondering…’What If?”

You wouldn’t have scrolled this far if you didn’t have a dream of becoming a successful social media influencer. It’s time to ditch the “what if” for “when do I start!”

Join a Community of Likeminded Influencers

Imagine if you were able to manage your full time job and be successful on Instagram at the same without the massive amounts of stress! Or better yet, make Instagram your full time job or side hustle. It’s all possible with this Community!

It’s Time to Decide

Isn’t social media meant to be fun and profitable? Join our community and Kickstart Your Influence in 2021. I cannot wait to be a part of your forever story.

Learn everything you need to know about growing your Instagram account with purpose and strategy to build a sustainable personal brand as an Influencer or small business.

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